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Loan Process

People Talking About The Loan Process GENERAL PROCESS

1.   Executive Summary is submitted to Equitable for review
2.   If ES is accepted then we schedule a conference call with principals
3.   Initial information request via email
4.   Once received information is reviewed
5.   If information looks like a fit then diligence and structure begins
6.   Upon initial diligence, if still interested, a Financing Proposal is issued
7.   Financing Proposal is fully executed by principals
8.   Underwriting checklist is prepared and issued
9.   Underwriting documents are returned to Equitable
10. Third Party Reports are ordered
11. Once reports are finished transaction goes to Lender committee
12. If approved Lenders commitment is sent to Principals for signatures
13. Loan Documents are drafted and closing date is schedule through legal
14. Closing

Estimated timeframe (subject to underwriting, Third Party Reports and Legal) ranges from 25 to 45 days.